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These Regulations lay down rules for the use by the users of the services offered social networking site LinkoVersum. You use the services and content available on the social network LinkoVersum agrees to the provisions of these Regulations. Users LinkoVersum Polish social network are required to comply with the law of the Republic of Poland/ European Union and the principles of social coexistence. The entity offering the service and the Polish social networking platform is LinkoVersum domain owner: LinkoVersum.com.

II. Name of the Service, its design, graphic design, software and database are protected by law. Rules set out the rights and obligations of registered users of the Service, and the rights, responsibilities and scope Administrator's responsibility as the manager and operator service. Any potential user of the date of registration is required to read the Regulations and may take further action with their prior consent and approval of all its provisions.

III. Accept Terms of Service User is tantamount to the submission of statements of the following contents:
First have read the Terms and agree to all its provisions
Second voluntarily started to use the services of the Service
Third data contained in the registration form and the Account are true
4th I consent to my personal data processed by the Administrator, provided in the registration form for the proper execution of electronic services
5th I authorize the use of my image placed on the Site for the purpose by the Administrator to provide services on the Site, as well as declare that the person whose image I put / am in the Service has granted such permission.
6th I agree to receive the registration form as indicated in system information, news and information from the Administrator of difficulties, changes or technical breaks in Action Service
7th I consent to my personal data for marketing purposes by LinkoVersum, and to receive commercial information from LinkoVersum.

IV. Definitions:

Regulations - this document together with any attachments and appendices, which explicitly refer to it;
Portal / Services - community website constitutes LinkoVersum Internet platform, which consists of a number of elements relevant complex web portal and electronic services to users;
Administrator - an entity managing and leading service LinkoVersum
User - an individual, called LinkoVersum the site of its choice during the registration process as: Opeiekun, breeder or worker hostels. This is a person who creates an account on the Service, by giving your email and password to log into Account;

Link - podstrona w Serwisie LinkoVersum odwołująca się do określonego adresu www w Internecie. Każdy użytkownik na podstronie wybranego Linku może wystawiać oceny, komentarze, dodawać Link do ulubionych. Linki mogą również zawierać reprezentacje graficzne, miniaturki, tytuły, opisy, kategorie, przeznaczenie wiekowe, kraj docelowy. Linki prowadzące do źródeł wideo takich portali jak np: YouTube, Vimeo, CDA itd. - mogą być odtwarzane bezpośrednio w Serwisie LinkoVersum. Linki grafinczne oraz wideo prowadzące bezpośrednio do plików JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4, webm oraz OGV - są wyświetlane bezpośrednio w Serwisie LinkoVersum
Link Prywatny - prywatna podstrona Linku do której posiada dostęp wyłącznie właściciel Konta, który wcześniej dodał wybrany Link;
Link Publiczny - publiczna podstrona Linku do której posiada dostęp każdy użytkownik Serwisu;
Folder - kolekcja linków umieszczona w jednym katalogu. Folder posiada: nazwę, opis, kategorie, przeznaczenie wiekowe, kraj docelowy.
Folder Prywatny - prywatna kolekcja Linków do której posiada dostęp wyłącznie właściciel Konta, który wcześniej dodał wybrany Folder;
Folder Publiczny - publiczna kolekcja Linków do której posiada dostęp każdy użytkownik Serwisu;
Nick - private and the actual user name in the Service, which has been dressed by him at the stage of registration of accounts;
Account - this is available after logging in (administration Emails and passwords) in the Service, in which every registered user can enter LinkoVersum and modify your details, descriptions, photos and other items related to registration on the Site;
Profile - a place online where is published a collection of information including pictures, descriptions and other data entered by the user;
Profiles Database - a collection of data, information and other content provided voluntarily by all Users to the Service that are collected and processed in an orderly manner in the system by the Administrator with your consent, for the provision of the Service;
User Account - a place on the web address located at the individual user in the Service, where he published (shown) are on the Site information, data and other elements that describe the person in the User, provided by him to the Service in a manner independent and voluntary, through which others are places Users or in some cases, people using the Internet and non-Users can see the user profile;
Comment - a written comment on the User Profile, Profile pet shelters Profile, Profile Husbandry, breeders or selected pictures drawn by another User Service;
Private Message - a message sent to you by another user via the internal messaging system Service;
Notice Board - a place on the site where users can expose your local classifieds. For more information, see Regulations:

First The primary purpose of the Service is to create a private or public collection of favorite links.
Second To use the Service is necessary to have equipment allowing the use of Internet resources, the mailbox e-mail and Internet resources to enable the browser to display web pages (we recommend using the following browsers in a given version or newer, with integrated support for "cookies" Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 7.0, Mozilla 1.3 or later versions).
Third Participation in the Service is voluntary and free.
4th Additional paid services are provided solely for the User expressly requests payment of a fee for that service.
5th Database profiles are legally protected, and the administrator of your personal information is a Service Administrator. Each user has the right to inspect their data processed by these entities, the right to correct these data and to demand to stop processing by removing accounts.

VI. General Principles

First You can:
a) edit or delete your data by using the Edit User Account.

d) send private messages to other users.
Second The user is not allowed:
a) the use of vulgar language and phrases that may in any way undermine anyone's dignity and decency,
b) insulting other people,
c) the promotion of other websites, statements containing the links to external websites without the consent of the administrator portal LinkoVersum,
d) posting contact details, such as instant messengers: ICQ number, email address, nickname Skype, Yahoo nickname, phone number, etc., and other information in any way that may indicate the method of direct communication with you, with the exception of places allocated to post such information on the site LinkoVersum
e) the placement of sexually explicit material of any kind,
f) the violation of generally accepted rules of netiquette,
g) repeatedly posting the same images, content, or other items,
h) the use of programs (bots) that generate queries to the servers LinkoVersum. Any such action may be considered as a DoS (Denial of Service).
i) Press statements violate the law.
j) It is forbidden to giving false personal information on LinkoVersum or creating an account for another person, without her permission.
k) You can create only one personal account.
l) It is forbidden to phishing login and access to an account belonging to another person.
m) It is forbidden to attack, intimidation or harassment of other users.
n) We reserve the right to remove any content or information published on LinkoVersum by the user, if we consider that it is incompatible with this Statement or our policies.


Third The user declares that he has the appropriate permission and rights to the materials included in the Service, especially for photos and movies.
4th You are fully responsible for the use of the Account.
5th For failure to comply with the Rules by you may be subject to temporary shutdowns of the option to use the Service.
6th If the lockout time will not cause the application of the Rules of User's account may be blocked permanently.
8th LinkoVersum Administrator may remove material posted by you do not meet the Rules, without informing him about it.

VIII. Services

First Through the Service Users have the ability to present a series of data, information and other content and of itself, along with a personal image located on the photographs submitted to the Service - which make up the concept of user profile, and the use of a range of other services to enable the Service to make new friends between Users.
Second Searching the Service (Base Profiles, User Accounts, and others) and its individual services may be available to any Internet user, with a range of access for people who are not Users may at any time and in any range limited by the administrator without giving any reasons.
Third All paid services on the Site are provided only at the express order of the User
4th The full range of basic services Service is available without restrictions for holders of accounts in the Service, which does not cover additional services paid separately, which are available for each user regardless of status, upon payment of applicable fees.
5th For all users with the same status in the Service, extent of the access and means of providing the various services of the Service (whether existing or created in the future) can be changed at any time (extended or limited) by the Administrator, which includes the ability to add or removal of individual services. These may be subject to the requirement to meet the additional conditions by the Users.

IX. First One person can have up to an account on the Service. Cession is not allowed to share accounts or to other persons, without the express consent of the Administrator.
Second In case of violation by you of these Regulations, the account will be locked (permanently or temporarily).
Third You can request removal of your account, after contacting the site administration. After removal of the account is not possible to restore it.
4th The accounts can only benefit you, it is prohibited to establish accounts from which will benefit some people.
5th Each newly created account is subject to activation, whereby you receive a message sent to my e-mail you and proceeding according to the instructions contained therein.
6th Information provided by you to the Site during the registration process or edit the profile, can be moderated by the Administrator, which means that the Administrator may refuse to publish them on the Site, and thereby block the User's account if the contents or information shall not be permitted due to international law, the content of the Rules and decency or morality.
7th Providing a picture / video, etc. on the Site, you represent that:
a) he has permission or consent required by law to ensure that this picture could be made public (published) on the Site and in other media, in accordance with the consents given by you under other provisions of the Rules and will not cause a violation of any rights of countries;
b) In the case of referrals by third parties for any claims to the Administrator, regarding the violation of any rights to published photographs or personal image of third parties, you agree to submit a written statement of relevant content, which will release the Administrator from any responsibility in this regard.
8th The administrator has the right to reduce / compress images User, without first informing him of this fact.
9th Service Administrator is in no way limited time in which it is to verify the photo / video inserted by the user.

X. Reservations, assurance and accountability

First Depending on the configuration of hardware and software, some functions of the Site may be unavailable. The administrator can not guarantee that the Service will operate without interruption or error. In particular, the use of this Site may be interrupted at any time for maintenance, upgrades, and technical improvements, or to develop its content and / or presentation.
Second The administrator is committed to providing the highest quality of service. The Administrator is not responsible for disruptions in the functioning of the Service caused by force majeure, failure of equipment or unlawful interference users, even if they cause loss of data on the User Accounts.
Third The Administrator is not responsible for the content transmitted and published by Users (comments, etc.). Content posted by Users are the views and opinions of the creators of the Service. The Administrator reserves the right to edit, shorten or remove the text content prohibited by law, vulgar, abusive or otherwise violates the rules of social coexistence. User content prohibited the markings may incur criminal liability and civil liability against the Administrator or other users.
4th The Administrator is not responsible for the actions of other Users, or for use by data users not contrary to the purpose of the Service.
5 The Administrator is not responsible for the referral to it by other Members, arising from the publication of photos / videos, or the personal image of these users. Responsibility for this lies entirely with the user who published the disputed photograph or image of another person.
6th Administrator is not responsible for the events and occurrences that may have or have taken place in the real world between the Users acquainted through the Service, and for any reason.
7th The Administrator is not responsible for "stealing Accounts" made by third parties, as well as downloading photos from the Service and posting them on other websites or use in another way by others, because the Administrator is not possible to block the photos from the Service.
8th The Administrator reserves the right to use any areas of operation of the Service, together with the internal mail system to conduct commercial activities, advertising, announcing among users, as well as against third parties, in particular, by directing the Members or joining transmitted between Users and third parties advertising content, information, commercial and concerning products or services provided both by the Administrator as well as third parties. Therefore, the Users agree on adding advertising, classifieds, etc. to the content of the correspondence sent to internal mail system.
9th It is forbidden without the consent of the Administrator expressed in writing: copying, reproduction, or any other use in whole or in part, information, data or other content and images from the Service.
10th The Administrator reserves the right to transfer in whole or in part any of its rights and obligations relating to the Service, without the consent and the opportunity to express any objections by the Users.
11th Administrator is not responsible for the authenticity of the information and data provided by Users to the Service or information about users made available to other users (Administrator is not possible to verify the compatibility with reality).
12th The Administrator is not responsible for the services provided through the Site by third parties that provide services to users on their own behalf and on their own account, under the terms and agreements concluded with the Administrator or the Administrator's main partners. Determination of rules to provide such services, should be the entity providing those services and the entity is solely responsible for it and to it must be sought with any comments and complaints related to services provided, and any complaints directed to the Administrator will be transferred to these entities.

XI. Limitation of Liability
The Administrator may in no case be liable for direct or indirect damage, when the user behavior contributed to the occurrence of damage, in which the user claims to have suffered. In particular, the Administrator shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising in case of improper use of the User to the conditions of use of the Service.

XII. Changes to the Rules

First Any provisions of the Rules may be changed at any time by the Administrator, without giving any reasons. Changes will be published on an ongoing basis as a unified text of the Regulations on the Site, including information about its accomplishment. Second After being published on the home page of the Site or in other designated places in the Website information about changes in the Regulations, you should immediately see the changes, because logging into the Site after such notice constitutes an unconditional acceptance of the new Regulations by the user. Third If you do not accept changes to the Rules, you should refrain from logging in to the Service and shall immediately inform the Administrator of this decision. 4th Not accept the statement of changes in the Regulations, entail the removal of User Account


All personal data is collected, processed and made available on terms consistent with applicable law in the Polish Republic. The collected data are intended for use only by the operator of the platform. The administrator of personal data collected on the platform LinkoVersum is: You LinkoVersum give your personal information on a voluntary basis. The user agrees to the processing of their personal data provided in the registration form and other services LinkoVersum for research purposes, of information. On the basis provided by the Act on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997 you have the right to inspect their data, correct them and demand their removal. Request deletion entails the liquidation of the account or prevent use.

XIV. Chat
Administrator Portal provides users with the possibility of using chat services. Administrator does not assume any responsibility for the subject of talks with the service, as well as the views and opinions expressed therein. It is unacceptable to move the chat topics related to pornography, stimulants, anti-Polish and international law, inciting racial hatred, ethnic, religious, fascist about content, vulgar, violent, profane, violate the rights of others, etc. You can not use the service for the purposes was generally regarded as morally reprehensible and socially inappropriate. Administrator reserves the right to remove from the chat people behaving contrary to this Regulation, without giving reasons.

XV. Terms of Notice Board panel

* Announcement issued in the Local Notice Board is free. LinkoVersum service does not charge a commission from issuing the tender, also do not charge a fee on the sale.
* According to the name of the service "Local Notice Board '- posted ads must be local or everyone interested should be able to receive insight and personal goods. In exceptional cases: offering merchandise may determine at its own risk of the concerned details of the shipping package - Service is not liable if the product offered will not be consistent with the description.
* Announcement comes from you, which alone determine its contents. Content Ads must be in accordance with the facts.
* Validity is stated ad goes over 14 days.
* Placing Advertisements should reflect the actual intention of the transaction, the notice relates.
* One notice may relate to only one of the Goods. The same Goods at the same time can be only one of the ads stated by the user.
* You are responsible for the published content (including photos) and ensures that they are consistent with the facts and law, and their publication does not infringe the rights of the Operator, the Rules and the rights of third parties, including copyrights.
* Content Ads should clearly refer to the Goods, to describe it accurately, fairly and completely, and do not mislead other users, in particular as to the characteristics of the Goods, such as its quality, performance, condition, origin, brand or manufacturer.
* Ad must not affect the contents of the general rules.
* The advertisement may contain a maximum of three photographs showing the item offered.
* Do not post ads advertising:
- Sexual content,
- Other types of websites,
- In the ad content prohibited to enter links to external websites
- The content of advertising company
- Content that does not contain a description of the product
* Service LinkoVersum not responsible for the quality of the product offered.
* Service LinkoVersum not responsible for the transportation of goods and is not responsible for the details of the transaction.
* Offering a good set of stakeholders:
- Details of the transaction
- Details of the personal collection of goods or transport of goods. LinkoVersum Service is not responsible for transportation.


All comments and submissions regarding violations of these Rules may be sent to admin@LinkoVersum.com or help@LinkoVersum.com Administrator reserves the right to make changes to these regulations. Any changes become effective upon publication on the portal.

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